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Voter Information

Mississippi allows 2023 candidates for all county and state offices to file January 3 through February 1.  Considering running for office yourself?  We can help!  Just contact us.

If you are a candidate for office in Mississippi during the 2023 elections and want to know more about why you should give back the power to the people in supporting Initiative and Referendum, please contact us.  Together we can Let Mississippi Vote!

If you are a voter and want to know more about the August 8 Republican or Democrat primaries, or the November 7 general election - please contact your local Circuit Clerk office or the Mississippi Secretary of State.  Voter registration deadlines, primary and election dates, polling locations, and any other information that might be helpful are available at the website for the Mississippi Secretary of State.

We've also included links to some free tools below where you can verify your voter registration status, register to vote, and request an absentee ballot.

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